Infographic Friday

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Infographics are an incredible aspect of design. Being able to design one that successfully gets your information across to the viewer, while also not looking like a graphic that belongs in a middle school textbook, can be pretty difficult. By creating an infographic, you have the ability to take ordinary information, statistics, etc., and turn it into a work of art that keeps the viewer engaged and interested.

When designing, I sometimes come across this challenge…How can I take this boring data and turn into something people will actual want to read and learn about? I’ve recently come across an amazing site that help you do just that! helps you illustrate and edit your data and helps you easily share your graphics online. This user-friendly free site and mobile application helps you create anything from simple graphics such as pie charts, to modern and eye-popping designs. It was created in 2012 and I can’t believe I haven’t come across it sooner! I hope this great find helps you with your future informational graphics!

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